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As we all know, car drama sucks!! I've driven the same car for the last nine years, and I want to make it one more year. So a good mechanic is like having a good hair dresser (for me at least). They were amazing, when I say amazing (not as amazing as my new hair dresser, but damn good for an auto spot- they have birds and a fish tank...) I won't bore you the actual problem (good thing is, he actually found it). He suggested the least expensive option for me to try and then we ran the test, afterwards he never insisted on my getting it fixed right away since it's not a major deal and will have no effect on my engine. To sum it up - Funk Brothers is honest and quick! And they know what customer service is!


My husband has used these guys for years, so when we got married I started bringing my car there too. It is unbelievable how honest they are and how nice. And their prices are beyond reasonable. This is the only auto place I have ever been that has talked me OUT of repairs. A few years ago, I brought my Jetta in with a coolant leak and a possible problem with the electrical system. Peter outlined how much it would cost to fix both and then strongly recommended I get a new car instead of doing the repairs -- that in his experience, once the Jetta started to have problems it was all down hill from there. I'd heard that from other Jetta owners, too, so I took his advice and have been taking my new car to Funk as well. Recently several warning lights came on in our Prius, so my husband took it into Funk. They ran a diagnostic and discovered the problem would be covered under our warranty. They called the dealership to let them know my husband was bringing the car in and did not charge us for the diagnostic. Another time, when I was getting ready to go on a very long road trip, I took the car in because I thought my tires wouldn't make it through the journey. They checked the tires and assured me they could handle the number of miles I was planning to drive AND took the time to show me how to check the tires myself so I would know when they needed to be replaced. I could go on and on about these guys, but go see for yourself!


I live on the Westside are and will only take my car to Funk Bros and if you go, see Gary. He's honest and won't rip you off. Tell him that Dianna sent you and you'll see how well your taken care of. I've already referred a handful of friends and everyone is so happy. Honestly, it's hard to trust a mechanic these days, especially when you have an older car, which can need more repairs compared to a newer vehicle. I can leave my car for days and know that it's in good hands.


This is an established and reliable establishment. I first came to learn of the Funk Bros. through my Auto Shop Class Teacher at Fairfax High School, Michael Peal. He had been promoting their work for years, and I was quickly recruited into the ranks of the convinced.

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