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Monthly Archives: December 2023

5 Common Signs Your Car's Water Pump Needs Changing

5 Common Signs Your Car's Water Pump Needs Changing

Among the myriad components of your car, the water pump plays a pivotal role. Let's decode the signals it gives off when issues arise, ensuring that your engine remains strong. 1. Audible Whining Sounds Your car's water pump is a silent worker, but when it's struggling, it often vocalizes its discomfort through a distinct whining noise. Listen attentively for this sound emanating from the engine bay. If you hear an unusual whine that corresponds with engine speed, it's a clear signal that the water pump bearings may be on their last legs. 2. Puddles or Coolant Leaks Water pumps circulate coolant to regulate engine temperature. A visible puddle of coolant beneath your parked car is a red flag. Inspect the ground for green or orange-colored fluid, as this indicates a potential water pump leak. Addressing coolant leaks promptly prevents engi ... read more

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